Friday, March 13, 2009

Livingston Texas ,March 13

Yes, we are still in Livingston Tx. We continued to have problems with our leveling system, so once we arrived here we took it to an rv dealer. Turns out that our rear jack is defective, so we are waiting for a new part to come in from Indiana. That has given us time to visit with my brother Jared and his wife Sherry. Today we took them for a drive to tour our environs. Saw Lake Livingston(which provides the water supply for Houston). Also visited Indian Village- home of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe. They are a branch of the Creek Indians. We are back in the winter clothes we wore when we left Missouri (and I had come so close to packing them away). It was thirty-eight degrees today for the high, and we have had two days of steady rain. It all has not gotten us down, we find enough things to keep us busy- hopefully we may get out of here Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. I think this weekend is supposed to be warmer. That should be nice.