Thursday, June 26, 2014

Warren County History Center

The city of Lebanon has interpretive markers posted near many of the historic sites of the town, which are very informative.  However, reading them under a hot summer sun became a bit much for us after an hour or so, and we were happy to seek the cool comfort of the History Center.  We found the museum to be filled with lots of fascinating history pertinent to the area as well as to our nation in general.
The first floor has a pioneer village with stores and other businesses which could be found in a town of the nineteenth century.  Interspersed with the shops are artifacts and information regarding the leading citizens of  Lebanon who lived back in that era.  I have mentioned Thomas Corwin in my last posting, in the museum is A.Lincoln's funereal invitation which he received.  It is interesting to note that Corwin was the only citizen pall bearer for the president ( other pall bearers being members of the military services).   The Corwin home was also a depot for the Underground Railroad.  The museum has a wonderful display regarding the UGGRR, and the people of Lebanon who were conductors (hosts) for the fugitive slaves in their homes.  Ohio was one of the most traveled states for the UGGRR- 40,000 slaves came through Ohio, and many of that number just through Warren County.  The museum also has a rather extensive gallery pertaining to the Shaker community which lived in Union Village, a town 4 miles west of Lebanon.  In 1850 Shakers numbered 600 people in that town.  A bedroom of the Shakers with furnishings made by them is pictured below.
 As I was finishing up my tour of the History Center the museum cat came trotting up to me for some petting.  She is a silver tabby, which is a rare breed of cat.  The feline, named Mona, was once a show cat.

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