Friday, June 20, 2014

Further comments on our trip in Southern Illinois

Our last posting was written by my husband John.  There are a few more details which I would like to add about Longshadow Gardens.   John did a good job in picking up the details of the construction and retail business of the decorative planters, whereas I was more into the different plants located inside the planters.
Pictured above ares the blossoms of a pomegranate tree, there are also a couple small pomegranates hanging on the tree. Equally fascinating to me were the large patches of milkweed which we saw in the gardens.  Monarch butterflies only eat milkweed and can not survive without the plant.  The butterflies visit the gardens during the fall season.  The plant with its cluster of pink flowers is pictured below.
I have one last picture to show from Longshadow Gardens, which is the guest house.
The boss also uses the trailer to get a nap in during the day.  I like the nice touch of the planters in front of it!
The same day we visited the gardens we also visited the Hedman Winery.  We stopped for lunch there, during which we enjoyed wine samples along with such Swedish fare as meatballs with lingonberry sauce as well as pickled herring, caviar, and gravlax (cured salmon).  The owners came from Sweden about 18 years ago and have enjoyed similar success with their business in Southern Illinois as Daniel and Charlotte have had.  It is good to see that old farmhouses, barns and grain bins still have some good usage!
Our last stop of the day was to see the Bald Knob Cross at Alto Pass.  The cross stands over 1000 feet above sea level in the beautiful Illinois Ozark Mountains of Southern Illinois.

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