Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bellefontaine Cemetery- Part Two

In my last posting I mentioned the Lemp family mausoleum.  That is located in a section of the park where many of the wealthier individuals of St.Louis are buried.  Many of the graves there have lots of land surrounding their family plots or mausoleum, so it was not possible to get a picture of a whole row of them.  The Anheuser mausoleum looks very stately with four classic Roman columns.  And then there is the most unusual Egyptian- styled mausoleum belonging to the Tate family.
Strolling around this area of the cemetery I saw some very  familiar St.Louis names as George Warren Brown (shoe manufacture and the school of Social Work at Washington University is named after him), Edward Mallinckrodt (founder of a chemical company), and Robert Barnes, founder of Barnes Hospital.  And I noticed that David Francis ( President of the 1904 World Fair) has a most different grave stone.
Herman C.G Luyties, Jr. has maked his grave with the statue of a girl in a box. 
Maud Judge has a statue of a beautiful woman on her grave, that lady is not in a box, fortunately.  And then there is Catherine Brewington Bennett, who according to the park brochure,  "died for beauty".  She has a most unusual gravestone.  Another interesting memorial is a three-sided obelisk with portraits on it.  I hope by now I have stirred up a desire within my readers to check out this cemetery!  And if you get tired of looking at grave, monuments, and mausoleums, just take in the natural grandeur of the park.  It is an arboretum with over 5,000 trees, and woody shrubs.

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