Thursday, June 2, 2011

Traveling East

We left Farmington yesterday morning, driving south to Perryville, Missouri and then crossing the Mississippi River at Chester, Illinois. We stopped at the Welcome Center, which is located at the river's edge.
Chester is the home of Popeye, a 6 foot 900 pound statue of him can be found in Segar Memorial Park. Elzie Segar was the creator of Popeye, the sailor man. We did not have the time to drive in to see the statue, so we just had to be satisfied with the smaller statue at the Welcome Center.
I have another picture to share, which I took yesterday during our lunch stop. We had to chuckle at this one.
Our stop for the night, which is where we are planning to reside for a week, is located north of Brazil, Indiana. Driving over flat land and fields of sprouting corn, John and I wondered about the name of the campground which was to be our final destination of the day; Fallen Rock Parke Campground. That name suggested to us something a bit more scenic than farm fields! Suddenly the road we were on curved and, most dramatically, our scenery changed to that of  forested ravines with towering rocky bluffs. After parking and getting settled in the campground, we were invited to sit at the campfire of one of our neighbors. We learned from them that we have a lot to look forward to in touring Parke County Indiana; quaint small towns, covered bridges, as well as just hiking over 60 miles of trails  in Fallen Parke Campground. And there really is a "fallen rock" to check out.

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