Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mohican State Park

The above plant is that of the wild raspberry,we saw a lot of that plant while hiking yesterday. I did not expect to do another posting from this area of Ohio. Until today we have had no internet connection and the postings I did write were done at a local fast food restaurant. Yesterday John and I went on a hike along the Clearfork branch of  the Mohican River.  In this park the river has carved out a beautiful gorge. The gorge is 300 feet deep and lined with towering hemlocks and virgin stands of white pine. While hiking we noticed trail markers still left  up since the 100 mile marathon, which took place over the week-end. We did not realize that the runners had to go over such rugged muddy terrain! And the trail went along some very high cliffs which, I am sure, could be hazardous at night, even with a flashlight. The picture below is of John trudging up one of the muddy slopes. You may notice a pink ribbon in the foreground, that was one of the markers for the run. I did not realize it was so close to where I was standing when I took the picture.
While in the park we noticed many chipmunks, which we found a bit unusual. All over the midwest we have seen a variety of squirrels, even a black one. In this park we saw only one,  maybe the chipmunks have taken over. It was impressive to watch those little critters  fly from one rocky boulder to another, I am use to chipmunks scurrying around on the ground, not doing acrobatics in the air!. There are two waterfalls  along the Clearfoork Gorge Trail; Big Lyons and Little Lyons Falls. Below is a picture of the smaller falls, it is flowing over a log. Today we have moved north to visit my brother Marcus and wife Heidi in Sylvania, Ohio

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