Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Arizona Trip

We spent the past five days traveling through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Gold Canyon Arizona was our final goal, and where my nursing school reunion was held. I was surprised to find out that one of the meeting places (where we caught up with my with my former classmates on Friday) was at a place John and I had visited two years ago. That area was near Canyon Lake in the Superstition Mountains. Saturday, after spending a day of  reminiscing, drinking and eating, John and I were able to get away and do some hiking in the foothills of the mountains at sunset.  Spring is happening there; you may notice the blooming yellow blooming bush in the middle of the picture below. There were also other cacti with beautiful flowers on them.
We left for Texas on Sunday, and, while driving through New Mexico, encountered a detour which we had not planned on. Due to winds up to 50 miles per hour and consequent poor visibility, state troopers would not let us continue on our planned route to Deming. We were directed onto a highway which took us over the Mimbres Mountains in the Gilia National Forest. That was a beautiful mountain drive with some fantastic vistas over mountain canyons and pine forests. We got out a few times and found ourselves confronted by a very stiff cold wind. What a change from the 90-100 degree weather of the past two weeks! Today it is 60 degrees here in Alpine.
Just before arriving back home here in Alpine Texas, we were treated to the sight of about 8 pronghorn antelope feeding in a field by the road. They are supposed to be the second fastest running land animal, second only to cheetahs.
We got in earlier than planned, which made for one less day in the kennel for our cat. He has been pacing and crying ever since we brought him home. Seems that as he is getting older he just does not do well being separated from us! But at least he survived the traumatic experience. It was a good kennel, as far as we could tell. KC would  probably tell us a different story if he could talk.

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