Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ottawa, Kansas

We are done with the rolling tumbleweed and blowing grit and sand! The wind is still with us, however. Another surprise for us yesterday, as we drove into Kansas, is that we are not done with the rolling plains. In fact, this part of Kansas has some rather pretty countryside. It does help to have your creeks and rivers filled with water, we have seen some rather lush vegetation in this part of Kansas. Blooming redbud trees are everywhere. We saw quite a few of them where we parked  last evening  also.
The picture above is what we see from our home here where it is parked in Ottawa Kansas. We are sitting on a ridge which overlooks the rolling hills of a farming community. Something else great about this campground it that the owner greets each new guest with a fresh bag of popcorn when they enter her cozy office to sign in. It was close to suppertime, but I just could not turn down fresh popcorn! I have one more interesting story to mention before I close this. At a toll plaza stop today we saw an exhibit dedicated to Knute Rocke, the famous  football coach of Notre Dame. He had died in Bazarr, Kansas while on an airplane trip to California in 1931. I did not realize that there was a town with that name here in Kansas. Later, driving further on the Kansas Turnpike, we saw a feed lot with the sign "Bazarr Cattle Pen". Had I not known there was a town of that name I perhaps would have thought it was a misspelling of the word bizarre! But then, how bizarre can a cattle pen be? We will be in Columbia Missouri tomorrow to visit with my sister Linda, then on to St.Louis.

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