Monday, April 11, 2011

Canyon City, Texas

Before I discuss Canyon City I have a bit more to add about our trip Saturday. It is also an excuse to show you a few more pictures from that excursion. I mentioned in the last posting that John and I hiked in Caprock Canyon. On one of the trails we came upon a natural rock bridge. The white coloration in the rock layers is caused by the presence of gypsum. In the picture below John is peering under the bridge. In the background note the light coming into the opening at the other side of this cave-like structure.
Our last stop Saturday was in Tulia for supper. Tulia has, in the middle of one of its streets, an original obelisk  placed by the Ozark Trail Association in 1913 to guide traffic across several states. Distances to and from St.Louis and El Paso are delineated on the sign. Just think, John and I have only 928 miles to cover in the next week to get to St.Louis!
Canyon City is located near where we are currently parked. It is the town where West Texas A and M is located and on that campus is the biggest history museum in Texas called the Panhandle-Plains Historic Museum.  It was the best place for us Sunday afternoon when a fierce wind was blowing. I strongly recommend this museum if you are ever in this area. It covers the cultural, economic and geological history of northwestern Texas. It has a Plains exhibit which traces 14,000 years of human habitation and has many American Indian artifacts. There are also other exhibits dedicated to western heritage, petroleum, paleontology, decorative and fine arts, to name a few.

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