Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reindeer Farm

We arrived in Marietta Georgia yesterday, which is northwest of Atlanta. Our day today started out fairly balmy and warm so we headed out with my sister Linda, her daughter Alison and granddaughter Ellie to a reindeer farm. I know, we had seen plenty of reindeer in Alaska, but it is Christmas and what better thing is there to do at this time of the year with a young child but drive out to see Santa and his reindeer?  It took at least one hour drive there,  but was worth it because we eventually found ourselves in  the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  When we arrived at the farm we climbed into a big wagon and were driven to area where we could feed the reindeer and visit with Santa. John was the first one of our group brave enough to offer the reindeer corn from his hands.
By this time there was a cold wind blowing so we were happy to enter a warm shack, and sip some cocoa.  Ellie was able to talk to Santa. Also roaming the shed with us was a 20 mouth old reindeer.
 After we had warmed up we headed out to explore the other animals of the farm. We found out by the staff that the baby lama pictured below had just been born that morning.
From the reindeer farm we drove to Amicalola Falls State Park. In Native American language Amicalola means tumbling waters. The falls in this park are the highest falls east of the Mississippi River. From a height of 729 feet they fall down a mountain in seven cascades. They were quite beautiful to look down on from the very top, and then to follow the water's tumbling silvery course into the valley below. As leaves are now off the trees, it was easy to follow with the eye that flow of water for quite some distance. It would have been fun to do some hiking around the falls but it was getting late in the afternoon and we were getting cold as well as hungry. For John and I it was fantastic to again see mountain vistas. We had been on flat land far too long!

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