Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leaving Georgia

We had snow in Atlanta on Christmas Day, that had not happened in that city on Christmas day for over about 100 years! I took a picture of a row of townhouses (Alison's home is at the very end) to show the winter wonderland we enjoyed. Ellie was able to make a small snow man and have a snow ball fight before it melted. On the twenty-sixth, a Sunday, it was difficult to find a church which had services because of icy roads (we did find one, however).  In the picture below is Ellie, still in her Sunday dress, preparing lunch for herself and her mother. She enjoys being helpful and mothering  her mother!
Being with Ellie, her mother, aunt and grandmother for a week did make it a good Christmas for us, despite the weather. Our motor home is not well insulated, in actuality is not made for cold weather at all. But we survived the big chill by visiting Ellie, and also hanging out in shopping malls as well as movie theaters. It seemed strange to be in a big city once again. Atlanta and its environs have all the trappings of a big city with its many hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Icy roads were not a problem for us at all. We had some concern for our elderly cat, however. He always gets up me in the mornings, but has not been doing that lately. He also has not been begging for treats from the table when we eat. It did seem to us that, because of the cold, he had gone into hibernation. We did not want to think about the other possibilities. We drove south out of Atlanta today and now we are located about 100 miles north of Mobile Alabama. I told John that he was not to stop driving until we reached warm weather. At least it is above freezing here, and KC came out of his deep sleep to beg for treats tonight. In a couple of days we will head in the direction of New Orleans.

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