Saturday, December 25, 2010

Atlanta, Georgia

On our first day in Atlanta we visited the Coke Museum. Almost everyone I know who have traveled to this city say that they have been there, so I decided that it was about time I checked it out. A pharmacist, John Pemberton, invented the soda in 1886. There is a lot more to the story of Coke than that, and it can all be discovered at the museum. In the museum is an area where the bottling process can be viewed, as well as a Coke pop art museum. Also on display are all the memorabilia connected with Coke. I had no idea this museum was as big as it is, we spent several hours there. A fair amount of time was spent in the beverage sampling room, where we tasted Coke products from around the world. This does seem to be a popular spot for tourists, the day we were there we encountered large crowds of people. Pictured below is the famous Coke bear.
Yesterday, Christmas Eve day, we climbed Kennesaw Mountain. This mountain, located in the Atlanta area, at the time of its formation was part of a massive mountain chain whose surface has since worn away. The erosion left tiny monadnocks. That word is a Native American word meaning "Lonely Mountain".  Keenesaw Mountain's geology played a major role during the Civil War in the advancement of Major General William Sherman's Union troops toward Atlanta. Cannons have been placed on the mountain as a reminder of that battlefield where Northerners lost 3,000 men and the Confederates lost 800.
 It was probably going to be our last sunny day here in Atlanta, so that played a part in our decision to climb the mountain. I am proud to say that I kept up with the speed of a six year-old in climbing that mountain! Ellie and I left my sister and John far behind. Unfortunately in walking so fast we did miss the deer which they were able to see. And coming down the mountain was another adventure with little Ellie. She insisted on hopping over rocks and either skipping or jogging on our way down. And all that activity was accompanied by a lot of laughing and giggling on her part. It is true that children help you stay young at heart!  Ellie was the best part of my day on the mountain. I am writing this now on Christmas Day so I want to extend Christmas greetings to all of our readers. We hope this day finds you warm and cozy, surrounded by the ones you love.

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