Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Seward Alaska

Sunday, coming home from the parade, we did see moose twice. Both times it was a mama moose with her calf feeding alongside the highway. It is difficult to see in the picture below, but a calf is standing on the other side of its mama. There are signs on the highways to give moose a brake, in the past year 174 have been killed by cars. And it is not unusual to see them roaming between houses. Fortunately for them most of Alaska is still wilderness area and there seems to be plenty of room for them to roam.
 Yesterday we drove to the other side of the Kenai Peninsula. We retraced our steps from last week, traveling again on the Sterling Highway. Once we were on the eastern side of the peninsula we headed south to our campground north of Seward. In a way the scenery seemed not the same because we were looking at it from a different direction. Irregardless, it was again beautiful with many lakes, rivers and snow-covered mountains.
 I am pleased with where we are now parked. It is in more of a wilderness area than we have been in a long time. Snow-covered mountains and forested hills surround us here. Also a rushing creek (Stoney Creek) with large gravel bars flows along one side of the campground. Of course there is a price to pay when we park in remote areas;  we cannot connect to the outside world with either our phone or internet unless we are willing to pay the roaming fees! By the way, it is hard for me to understand the 100 degree temps in the lower 48 states right now. Here we are lucky if it gets up to 60 degrees- night temps are around 48 degrees!

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