Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

I had mentioned in my last posting that at the Pratt Museum in Homer art pieces are displayed among the pioneer artifacts and wildlife exhibits. Below is one called "Death by Plastic".
Today, at the visitor's center in Kenai, we saw the real death by plastic. It was a 600 pound mess of fishing net, plastic lures and sinkers which had been pulled out of Cook's Inlet. There was a small tree trunk and one fishing rod also caught up in the snagged garbage, but most likely the majority of the weight came from the plastic items.
We drove out to the Kenai Wildlife Refuge last evening hoping to get a sighting of any wildlife. We drove over 19 miles on a dusty gravel road  through forest and valleys,  but we saw no action except one squirrel darting across the road. We can't complain too much about that, however. Two nights ago a young moose walked in front of our motor home. And there was a plus to driving through the wildlife refuge- we did get to see some awesome scenery.
I may have spoken before about the beautiful flowers in Alaska.  Everywhere we go, whether touring parks or cities, they are blooming in abundant numbers. I just could not pass up taking a picture of the daises and columbines which I found on our drive back from Homer. In the background are some iris in bloom. We are still seeing spring flowers. Today we saw lilac bushes, first time for us to see them blooming in July!

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