Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls

I had a fantastic Mother's Day and hope that many other moms can say the same thing. No, I was not with my children, but at least we were in touch with each other. Our son Mike had me speak on his podcast (via the phone) which was quite fun. Our nephew Jonathan also helped in making that a special day for me. Below is a picture of him at the Snoqualmie Train Museum.He is standing next to a rather large log.
 We started out our day Sunday attending Lutheran Church of the Cross, where our friend  Dino Picilli is pastor. He had a great message and started it with commentary on the word "but". Did you know that putting "but" in a sentence cancels everything said before it? You may say to your spouse "I love you but...".  Christ also said (I will paraphrase it here) you will have trouble in life;  but take heart, I have overcome all that evil for you. That is found in John 16:23 and following.  After the service Dino's wife Denise gave us a tour of the church's school, of which she is director. The church has 120 students in grades preschool through third. The students represent 18 nationalities and many of them start school not even knowing any English. After a great lunch at the Wild Wheat restaurant in Kent we drove to Snoqualmie Falls. What a crush of people there. We were not the only ones out enjoying the warm weather. Many family groups were there because of Mother's Day.
 The Snoqualmie River plunges 270 feet, which is 10 stories higher than Niagara Falls. It was a steep hike down and coming up was even worse. We got hot and sweaty in the process but after having so many cool days that did feel good!  We were quite thirsty after that but the lines were long for any kind of a cool drink. We ended up at the wine cellar in the historic Salish lodge where a margarita proved to be a refreshing treat.

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