Saturday, May 15, 2010

Columbia Gorge Interpetive Center

We visited this center after we hiked Beacon Rock. John had read some tour book which indicated that the center had a good movie on how the gorge was formed. The movie was quite interesting. It described very graphically how years ago such cataclysmic happenings as volcanic eruptions, an ice age and floods created the formation of the Columbia Gorge. After the movie we had a little bit of time to tour the museum located in the center. The museum galleries has many unique artifacts, including those made by local Native Americans. There are also many items of the early settlers also displayed there, including the largest rosary collection I have ever seen. There is also a 37-foot replica of a 19th century fishwheel. I never knew that such a contraption was ever made! You can't see it too well in the picture, but the device has large steel nets which are pulled through the river.
 In the center we also found a 1921 Mac logging truck, pictured below. Hard to believe that little engine could haul that weight!
This will be my last posting for about two weeks. As I mentioned in my last posting, we are headed to Richmond Virginia tomorrow. We also have a graduation to attend in Omaha before heading back here.

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