Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

I forgot to mention one other interesting part of our town tour of Port Angeles. For eleven years the town has been showcasing the works of Northwestern artists on its streets. There is one block called "Avenue of the People", all created by the artist Bob Stokes. Below is Cari and Bart. They are having an animated discussion("give and take") as to where to eat,where to go, etc. Further down the sidewalk, on a bench, sits Mackenzie who is enjoying a conversation with a gentleman (Michael) leaning against a railing.
Yesterday, Thursday, we drove with Wayne and Mary Jo up to Hurricane Ridge. This is 5,200 feet above sea level and presently there in 89 inches of snow on the ground. The road was clear only up to the visitor's center. John is standing at a snow bank where a plow had just dumped a load of  snow.
In the picture below you are looking at the Strait of Juan de Fuca with the shores of Canada beyond that. Also of note is that in the background to the northeast are fields where it is necessary for farmers to irrigate. Behind me, from where I was taking this picture, is the Ho Rain Forest where there is definitely no lack of rain. It is the Olympic Mountain Range which divides the Olympic Peninsula into two distinct climatic worlds.
There were quite a few deer wandering along the roadside. They seemed totally oblivious to the cars passing by them. They were a black tail deer, I think in the family of mule deer. Looks like this doe has been finding enough foliage to eat!

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