Friday, March 26, 2010

Waldport Oregon

Before explaining where we have moved on to now, I want to pass on some more humorous signs which we saw while traveling around. There was a "No Name" hamburger stand and a restaurant called "Bless my Soul Cafe" (which offers good feelings with good food). When we were back east there was" Wild Thyme Cafe". And does anyone know Mr.Awhile?  He owns "Terry Awhile Inn". Other shops with names I like: " Mellow Mushroom" and " Laughing Seed". Don't remember what they sold.  On our way here we drove by Mt. Humbug State Park. Back on a serious note- it was a windy, cold day traveling up the coast yesterday from California and Oregon. And, yes, we were on a narrow and curving road again.  Highway 101 is becoming a favorite road for us. We saw scenic ocean vistas with miles of rugged shoreline. Also fir covered forests, and  rushing mountain streams . There were signs for "Elk Xing" (saw them the day before,not today).  There were a few small towns which we drove through, but the larger places which seemed to have a lot of activity around them were the casinos. The inclement weather made the scenery even more impressive with the misty wisps of clouds advancing and receding over the ocean. Coming into the Waldport area sand dunes greeted us on both sides of the road. Again, a wonderful day on the road. I am not so sure John felt that way as he did all the driving!  Below is the scene which we can view now from out our back window. We will be staying here for a week visiting with my brother John and his wife Linda.

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