Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oregon Weather

The ground outside looks like it has just snowed. In actuality it is hail, and it is the third time this morning it has done so.  It also hailed yesterday when we were walking on the beach. So far every walk on the beach here has been a challenge; besides the hail we have encountered strong winds and sudden downpours.People from this area claim that this is not usual weather for Oregon this time of the year. Sunday evening we had a rather disconcerting night with wind gusts up to 60mph. At least that is what the manager of our campground said the speed of the wind was- for us it felt more like 80mph! Our kitchen slide was flapping so badly because of the wind that we decided to pull it in. In doing so our motor home listed heavily downward to the right so that while lying in bed our feet were higher than our heads. My real fear was that,with our home lying on a slant, the force of wind  could easily blow us over. John kept telling me that wouldn't be possible because of the weight of our vehicle, he also encouraged me to envision myself being rocked gently in a cradle. No amount of positive thinking worked for me. With each heavy gust of wind I kept thinking that either we would be blown over or our little Honda Fit (parked behind our home) would be picked up and slammed into us! I was surprised the next morning to look outside and discover that the world around us still looked the same- nothing had been blown over or even tossed around. There may not be many postings on this site for awhile as rain is predicted for most of this week. Thankfully my brother John and his wife Linda have a cozy vacation cottage here where we have been spending our time. We have been enjoying good food and conversation with them. We also have a Scrabble game and cards to help us pass the time.

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