Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old Sacramento

There is one memorial we found in the Capitol Park  which I would like to share with our readers before moving on to the rest of our day in Sacramento. It is an old native American Indian grinding stone, a tribute to the people who first lived in California. I will post that here along with a plaque standing next to it.
After touring the capitol and its grounds we hurried on to the historic sites of Sacramento, only to soon discover that many are closed on Mondays.  I then got the idea for us to walk to the Sacramento River and from there  to the older part of the city. That was a bit of a hike, my feet were sore by the time we headed back to our car a couple of hours later!  On our way to the river we stopped at the Wells Fargo History Museum. There was a fully restored Wells Fargo stagecoach on display there, but I was more impressed by the Wooton Desk.  With the advent of the Industrial Age there was a need to have a such a desk for the increasing amount of paperwork. Men as John D. Rockefeller, President Grant and Joseph Pulitzer were reputed to have a Wooton Desk. The wings of the desk can be folded in at night and locked.
Old Sacramento has kept its mid-19th century appearance. It has been redeveloped with wooden sidewalks, cobblestone streets, museums, shops and restaurants. It was the commercial district during the gold rush. The blue Victorian- style building  below is that of the Grand Saloon. The white sign posted there says " come in, be merry and meet Mary" We passed on that charming invitation.

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