Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flowers and Wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bear with me on this, I was not going to bother with the plants and animals we saw on our hike Monday.  But I imagine you all know me by now, I cannot pass up taking pictures of them.  Saw some Indian paintbrush and also aven (yellow flower in picture above).  I learned at the Alpine Center that aven are pollinated by flies, and I did see some flies on these flowers.  The flower lies open for easy access.
There was a fair amount of forest diversity on our hike- from dry rocky slopes to to moist areas along streams.  Only in one area did we find ferns. and a one lone pink pipsissewa.  I am starting to learn the Colorado wildflowers!
A couple of different jays were flitting about, a gray and a stellar jay (pictured above).  And, lastly there were quite a few chipmunks.  One kept running ahead of us and when he stopped to munch he seemed totally oblivious to our presence or that I was taking his picture.  His cheeks are full!

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