Thursday, July 23, 2015

Denver Zoo

As some of our readers know, John and I have seen a fair number of zoos by now.  The Denver Zoo was not particularly on our radar to see, but we had a couple of free hours late Saturday afternoon, and it is close to Heather and Ann’s home.  Heather seems to love the place and was especially pleased that we were going there.  She has been there many times and proved to be a great guide for getting us around the place and into exhibit buildings out of the rain.  The zoo has 700 species, and 4,000 animals on 80 acres. 
What Heather likes about the zoo is that most of the animals are up and active and not sleepily lying around.  The polar bear in the picture above seemed to be enjoying the rain ( which was coming down from small to moderate amount of sprinkles the whole time we were at the zoo).  He is sitting on a ball, not sure what he plans to do with it!  I never did understand the different sections of the zoo, and how the animals were categorized, but the bear is in the Northern Shores exhibits. 
In the Tropical Discovery we found this interesting tree frog.  Its secretions are used in the treatment of aids and some cancers.  Native people use it as a mind-altering drug.  Because of those reasons it is a threatened species.   I believe it was in this area where I saw a sign noting that our rain forests are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Many scientists predict that the forests outside of parks and preserves may be gone by 2045.
The aquarium building had some wonderful displays, especially that of sea horses.  I find them rather unique and interesting creatures.  Equally fascinating is the sea bubble anemone, pictured above.  It can be found in the rocks and coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean.  It paralyzes and devours fish that brush against its tentacles.  However, the clown fish is immune and finds a safe haven among its tentacles.  Two clown fish can be seen hang out in the sea bubble anemone inthe picture above.
I also liked the pretty flowers and other decorative items displayed around the zoo, as pictured above.  In another area baskets and fabrics of Africa are displayed.  I must say we did have fun at the Denver Zoo, despite the rain and shortage of time!  It will be one of our more memorable zoos.

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