Saturday, May 9, 2015

Road Trips East and North

The last two weeks have passed quickly and we have been busy traveling around in our little Fit.  The first trip I took without John but with my sister Julia to Nashville Indiana.  It was to be a girls week-end of scrapbooking and shopping.  Also joining us was my daughter Melissa, as well as my niece Laura and sister-in-law Mary Jo.  Only male with us was my grandson Nathan.
 Nashville is an historic artist's colony tucked away in the blue hills of Brown County.  Pictured above are some of the art objects which can be found there.  It also has many small picturesque wooden buildings, some of which are historic, as the structure pictured below.  That building use to be a church, a sign on it identifies the store as once being Antioch Christian Church, which exsisted from 1870-1938.  It is now a general store and bakery.  I hung around that store for sometime with Nathan trying to get him asleep.  The music of old Gospel songs coming from this building helped put him to sleep.

We stayed at an old country farmhouse about 10 miles out of town. It was just us and cows for miles around.  Nathan was quite fascinated with the cows, and they with him.
John and I traveled to Plover Wisconsin last week for the baptism of the children of two of our nieces, Rebecca and Rachel.  Melissa and Nathan also joined us for the trip.  I do believe I have become very knowledgeable on how to entertain a one year-old during a long road trip!  Pictured below is the baptism picture of Noah, one of the babies who were baptized at Good Shepherd Lutheran chuch last Sunday.  His parents, Rebecca and Cyril, are to the right of him and his sponsers, Adam and Kjerstin are on the left.  The pastor holding him is his grandpa, Bishop Marcus Lohrmann.  My brother Marcus had the pleasure of baptizing two of his grandchildren that day, Emilyn and Noah.
Emilyn is pictured below with her family (parents Ben and Rachel and sister Eliza), as well as her sponsers, Adam and Kjerstin.  Adam and Kjerstin have a son who is one years old, so it was a fun week-end with a lot of young children.  As we are learning with Nathan, they keep us young!

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