Thursday, May 21, 2015

City Museum of St.Louis

In the past John and our children, as well as other extended family members, have visited this museum at least a couple of times.  I seemed to be otherwise engaged (usually working) when they went.  Before going there Sunday we had quite a discussion as to whether it would be an appropriate place for our grandson, who now is a walking dynamo.  John said it was not a place for young children.  Melissa checked it out on- line and the information she received there told her otherwise.  It was a bit dicey getting downtown to 16th street because of a parade going on which blocked off many streets, as well as a graduation at Harris Stowe which added more traffic to the congested streets.  We almost returned home, but did find a way to circumvent the bottle necks and get to the museum.  My initial impression of the place was that there was fun to be had ahead of us.  A bus hangs off the roof of the three story building, tunnels and stairs surround it.
It used to be a shoe manufacturing building, but now has been transformed into a museum with educational exhibits as well as a fun house with activities for old and young alike.  There is an area for toddlers.
Our grandson Nathan was quite content with the colorful balls and trucks.  His grandmother found a most unusual rocking chair to play with.  She first had to let go, get her feet off the ground and let the chair take over.  I think it is guaranteed not to tip anyone over!
On a more serious note, I did find natural history exhibits pertaining to butterflies, moths, beetles and fossils.  There is also a wonderful architectural history museum featuring artifacts of  buildings now long gone.  It was in that area that I learned the story of "Grimsley's Folley".  In 1836, presiding over the St.Louis Board of Alderman, Colonel Thorton Grimsley introduced a bill which set aside 30 acres of high ground in the city that would be held publicly as a park and which would become the centerpiece of the Lafayette Square District. He is pictured below, along with some architectural artifacts.  That is exactly how randomly interesting the City Museum is, one never knows what will be around the corner!
There is also a circus arena in the museum, where young performers were being taught acrobatics.  And on display is some interesting modern art, pictured below is the world's largest underpants.  Our time there was a bit shortened because of the traffic jams we encountered getting there.  I would like to come back, to explore further the multilevel caves as well as the aquarium.  And to see the new roof attractions- that area was closed off because of construction activity.

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