Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hannibal to Omaha

The above picture gives you a good perspective of the countryside in northern Missouri along the Mississippi River.  Before arriving at Hannibal we drove through the Missouri river towns of  Elsberry, Clarksville, and Louisiana along Highway 79.  I will grant you that traveling on two lane highways is a slow way to go, but John and I are discovering that the interstates have very little to offer in the way of scenery.  On highway 75 we drove through rolling hills of pastureland and woods.  Along some sections of the highway there are also high river bluffs.  The tiny town of Clarksville is dotted with historic Victorian style homes.  Clarksville is where eagles come to feed along the river during the winter months, we have visited the town during its festival of Eagle Days.
In my last posting I wrote about Hannibal, however there is more to do there other than touring the Mark Twain museums.  After our tour of  them we did took some time to step into a few of the antique shops which are located in the historic area.   We found Mrs.Clemmons Antique Store to be especially interesting with its life-size mannequins.  Who would not like to have Elvis Presley or Harry Potter in their home?
We were in Omaha primarily to attend our nephew's graduation.  However, before the ceremony we walked around in the downtown area and had our lunch at the Table Grace Cafe.
We had a delicious lunch of soup, salad, pizza and cinnamon rolls.  Estimated cost for the lunch was $3.98, but one can pay what they want, or nothing at all.  A restaurant like that is certainly needed in many communities of our country, the cafe certainly had many customers when we visited there.  I promised the manager, pictured in the foreground of the picture above, that I would get the word out about Table Grace.

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