Sunday, September 8, 2013

Newport, Oregon

The town of Newport is spread across a peninsula which located between the Pacific Ocean and Yaquina Bay.  It has been a resort community for over 100 years.  Certain Lohrmann family members may remember it from our family reunion several years back when they boarded a boat from its port to do some deep sea fishing.  During the time John and I spent wandering the Bay Front, I must say that many of our senses were completely engaged, primarily in a pleasant way.  We had learned that seal lions hang out at the waterfront, and as we approached that area we heard them before seeing them.  What a ruckus they were raising, and it seemed that the noise was all about the issues they had with each other!
An interpretive sign at the wharf informed us that only the male sea lions migrate north, the females stay back in California.  Maybe that explains all the hostility between the lions- just too much testosterone in one place!  They hang around the wharf because of the large fish processing plants that are present at the Bay Front.  What a fishy smell that hangs over the area!  John did not let that stop him from checking out the machine which was dumping out shrimp refuse.  Most of that pink garbage is shrimp shells
Beautiful murals have been painted on the outside walls of the buildings in historic Newport.  Also on the buildings are myriads of gulls who, like the sea lions, are hoping to nab some fish scraps.
If you are not into fish, sea lions and gulls, there is plenty of opportunity for shopping on the Bay Front.  Wood carvings, blown glass and a variety of other souvenirs can be found in the many stores.  And there are also plenty of restaurants here where it is possible to experience the taste of fresh seafood.

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