Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stan Hywet Gardens and Kent State Memorial

 During our tour of the Stan  Hywet House we could not help but notice the large vases of colorful flowers in all the rooms.  The estate has a Great Garden which covers 3 acres and features a cutting garden for both fresh and dried arrangements for the Manor House.  There is also the Great Meadow, home of a wildflower garden.  My favorite garden was the English Garden which features 3,300 perennials.  It was a bit of heaven.
I want to add at this point an interesting story which our guide told to us.  The estate has a Gate Lodge where the oldest Seiberling son Fredrick and his wife Henrietta lived.  Into this home Henrietta invited two men, strangers to each other, but both having the addiction of alcohol. They supported each other in their struggles with addiction and the Gate Lodge in 2000 was  formally dedicated as the "Birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous".  I will show one more garden picture here before moving on, it is of the Elliptical Garden.  The garden also includes a wall of evergreen trees to shield the house from the noise of service vehicles
Kent Sate University was on our way to the Stan Hywet house so earlier we had stopped there to look at the May 4,1970 memorial.  On that day National Guard Troops, on order of Governor J. Rhodes, fired on protestors of the Vietnam War.  The action was taken to eradicate the problems of protests at Kent State.  There are markers where four students had fallen and died.  One memorial had all their names engraved on it (pictured below).  There is also a small memorial garden.  All the memorials had flowers one them and remembrance stones, as if it happened yesterday.   A marker at the site states that the Presidents Council on Campus Unrest reported that the shootings were "unnecessary. unwarranted and inexcusable".

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