Monday, August 13, 2012

Dayton, Ohio

Last week we moved to this area from Michigan.  We had been here a year ago, but decided to revisit the area because our niece Laura and her two children live here.  Her husband Mike, an Air Force major,  is currently deployed to Afghanistan until January.  Prayers for his safety, as well as the safety of all our troops stationed there, are certainly needed!   Friday night Laura and Mike's children both were in show choir performances; Bethany at the high school, and Josh at the middle school.  Laura was needed at the high school and could attend Bethany's show, so John and I attended the performance at the middle school.
The above picture shows only a small number of the show choir, there is 40 children all total.  Josh is in the back row in a blue shirt, third from left.  For only having completed a week of show choir, they are doing well with both their singing and dancing.  The choir is financially supported by the parents.
We had  hiked in Clifton Gorge last year, but Saturday morning that was the place of choice for Laura and Josh.  However, we did hike in a different area and ended up a Clifton mill.  A small part of the mill can be seen in the background of the picture above.  The mill, as well as other mills in the area, are on the Miami River.  They supplied materials for our country during the war of 1812.  Near the town of Clifton is the village of Yellow Springs, an area known for its eclectic array of shops and restaurants.  The town was filled with people Saturday because of the presence of an art fair.  We spent some time walking around the many booths where local artists displayed their work.  I especially loved the paintings displayed below, and, if I had a home in which to display them, would certainly have purchased one!

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