Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old Peace Chapel

This chapel, located on the grounds of Boonesfield Village, was built in the mid-1800s. The small building to the left of it served as the pastor's study. Originally the church was a general store, and after that a tavern. It was remodeled in 1904 and in 1905 it opened as Deutsche Evangelische Friedens Fermeinde. The congregation in New Melle, Missouri, who once used this church, still travel here once a year to hold services in the chapel. The inside of the church, patterned after New England style churches, has a simple elegance about her. The floor and pews are made of long-leaf red pine, a wood which today is considered endangered. The two tablets on either side of the altar have the Ten Commandments written on them.
The church has a couple other interesting features. There is a tower clock, built in 1865, which actually operates three separate clock dials, one of which is on the steeple. It originally was designed to be connected to the bell in the bell tower so that the bell would ring at regular intervals. The clock is still in fine working order. There is also a pipe organ in the chapel which though newly made, incorporates some very old pipes dating from the 1800s. The chapel is currently available for private weddings.
Every time I visit Boone's home I look for the site of the old Judgment Tree, where Daniel Boone would hold court with the local people. In 1804 he served as military administrator for the Spanish government (Missouri was then part of the Louisiana Purchase). The first time I visited here the tree was still upright (it had been killed by Dutch elm disease)  but I do believe then it was filled with concrete to preserve it. It has since fallen and lies in the area where it once stood. Down the hill from it are springs and the Boone's old spring house. Currently yellow iris flowers are blooming by the springs. Boone's old homestead is certainly a beautiful, peaceful place filled with  lots of history. Speaking of history, I have some other interesting trivia which I learned while touring the village. Abraham Lincoln's great grandfather, John Lincoln, had a half-brother who married Daniel Boone's first cousin, Ann Boone. Another interesting fact is that Daniel Boone was the first American born explorer in the United States. I have no absolute proof of the later fact.

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