Saturday, April 7, 2012

Farmington, Missouri

Monday we left Little Rock and traveled as far as Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The vehicle park had many blooming dogwood. trees. In Little Rock they were just about done with blooming, these are at their peak.
We arrived in Farmington Missouri on Tuesday. Later that day the rains came- it was overcast and rainy for a couple of days. What a contrast to the many dry days we had experienced in California, Nevada and New Mexico! We are now parked outside of Farmington, Missouri. It is a bit of a drive into town to visit John's sister and her husband,  however we can't complain about that as it is a beautiful drive through the rolling hills and farm fields where everything is so lush and green. We enjoyed our time out west,  but there is something to be said for the midwest and the changing seasons. By Thursday we were anxious to be outside and hiking. It was still misting and overcast, but the worse threat of storms had passed. John's sister Carolyn and her husband Jim had guests with small children from Albuquerque, New Mexico. We decided that the children especially would enjoy Elephant Rocks State Park. It turned out that we adults also enjoyed climbing up and squeezing in between the rocks as much as the children did! Pictured below is our niece Rebecca on one of the larger boulders in the park. Somehow she always managed to get on the very big rocks, but then needed help getting down! Our friends from Albuquerque enjoyed seeing the mist as it lay over the distant hills. Their home town usually does not see this large amount of moisture and greenery.
Some of the large boulders have holes in them. In the mid 1800's core samples were drilled from the rock to determine the mineral quality and economic value of the rock. That analysis showed that the best use of the granite rock was for building material. The old quarry is still present in the park, and is now a deep pond.
Happy Easter to all our readers- Christ is risen indeed and we are very blessed by his love and grace. We are moving to St.Louis on Tuesday, our postings may not be as frequent on this blog site for while, but you never know (and I never know) when something strikes me as interesting enough to write about!

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