Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dan and Amanda's Wedding

The past two weeks have passed very quickly. Our son's wedding and the family reunion which followed have taken up a lot of our time. The last family member, our son Michael, left early this morning. Time now is my friend and I can get a posting done. I will first start out saying that the wedding went well and was an awesome event. Prior to the event it was a crazy and hectic time and I did wonder how it was all going to come together. But Dan and Amanda did know what they were doing and had it well organized. The second day we were in Door County John and I checked out the Woodwalk Gallery where the event was to take place and we could easily understand why the wedding couple choose the site. It is an old barn which has been turned into an art gallery. The wedding was to be outside, in front of the corn crib.
Family and the wedding party helped to decorate the wedding reception area (pictured above) the morning of the event. Amanda and her mother had sewn and put together all the table settings. They had made cloth love birds and flowers. You can well imagine our dismay when, about an hour before the wedding was to begin, the sky became dark and a torrential rain came down. A strong wind blew everything off the tables. We had been informed that there was zero chance of rain. What was equally amazing was how everyone, once the storm had ebbed, cleaned up the mess and quickly transformed the inside of the gallery into a wedding chapel. The table linens and love birds were hung up to create a backdrop for the altar. Chairs were dried off and brought inside. Meanwhile the perspective bride and groom were strolling around with big grins on their faces. Nothing seemed to upset them and that was good. The storm actually was good for our daughter Melissa who had been icing cupcakes for the wedding cake up until about one hour before the wedding. She had moved her icing process to our motor home; below is a picture of my sister Julia doing a stint of icing. Someone made the comment that it takes a village to make a wedding. We found that to be quite true for Dan and Amanda's wedding!
Melissa was able to get dressed, drive to the gallery, and set up the wedding cake before she had to pick up her flute and play the wedding march. Below is a picture of her(after the ceremony) with her work of art.
After the ceremony the sun shone again and pictures were taken outside. The reception was lots of fun with plenty of food, mint julep and wine. We had a great evening of dancing with music provided by the Sloppy Joes. I can't leave this posting now without a picture of the happy couple!

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