Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Houston, Texas

Last Sunday John and I, as well as my two sisters and brother Wayne, drove into Houston to attend services at Messiah Lutheran, the church where our father was organist as well as a Christian day school teacher about 58 years ago. The current pastor, Pastor Schuller was very welcoming to us and after the morning services invited us to stay for his Bible class. It felt very strange to be sitting in a building where our home once was located. The Christian education building, where our home use to be, is to the left of the church in the picture above. What added to my feeling of nostalgia was that the church still uses the hymn book printed in 1940. The old liturgy and songs came back to me very readily! Some of the members we spoke to that morning remembered our Dad. Pastor Schuller was very kind after Bible class to give us a tour of the old school building which was built in 1951. Some changes have been made to the original building, but there is still enough of that building to bring back many memories of my time there as a student. One memory I have is of a winter day when we got a couple inches of snow. School was closed to give us the rare opportunity to throw snowballs and build a snowman.
The school disbanded in the 1960s, the church has been running an early childhood school there since that time. At one time there were single family dwellings surrounding the school and church campus, now there are many high-rise condos and townhouses. Many changes have taken place over the past 58 years!

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