Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hill Country of Texas

We have peregrinated to central Texas (in other words, we have migrated, I got that word from our son Dan's wedding web site- I did not know we were peregrinators). I think that John and I have been in the flat lands too long, we both got excited when our rig started chugging up the rolling hills. We are now parked in New Braunfels. Yesterday we drove along the River Road, following the Guadalupe River. We were told by locals that now is the time to take that drive, in the summertime that area is quite busy with tourist traffic. We quickly came to understand what they meant; along the River Road there are many resorts, private residences, bars and canoe rental places. It was difficult to find a place to walk along the river, and, when we did get out of the car, we were met with "No Trespassing Signs". There were some very scenic areas along the road  with towering river bluffs but somehow the only picture I took was of some small rapids.
We drove as far as Canyon Lake, which is touted as "the water recreation capital of Texas". In 1958 this section of the Guadalupe River was dammed up for water conservation purposes.  As you can see by the picture, the sky was thick with clouds. In the past few days the sun has had difficulty breaking through. This area has been pretty dry, but the only moisture coming down lately has been  fog and a few sprinkles every morning. It seems to me that the situation must be pretty dire when the weatherman reports measurements of mist!

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