Friday, September 17, 2010

St. Charles Missouri

We left Cedar Falls this past Monday, but I did want to show you the large snapping turtle which we saw along the bike path we took there last Saturday in Black Hawk Park. The turtle and black snake were the largest wild life we saw in the park, but, hey, it does not take very much to thrill John and I! And speaking of wildlife, John and I were strolling around the lake at Hellebusch Park in Bridgeton yesterday when we observed a fish jump out of the water to catch a dragonfly who was hovering just over the surface of the water. The fish did not catch his prey. Just before that happened we were wondering if there were still fish in that lake. Even though there is water flowing in and out of the lake it looked  stagnant to us. We had been to that park fairly often years ago, and frequently we would see people fishing in the lake, as well as the presence of many geese. No geese or fisherman when we were there yesterday, which seemed surprising to us as the weather was quite pleasant. We could not say that for the earlier park of the week, when we first arrived. It was quite warm, and it was necessary to turn on the air conditioning in our home, one of several times for us out of the whole summer! Guess we really cannot complain. And last evening we were under a blanket while listening to the St.Louis Symphony out under the stars on Art Hill in Forrest Park. There was quite a cool wind blowing last evening, but the music was fantastic. The symphony played a few selections from the concerts which it will be playing in the 2010-2011 season, as well as other songs from popular show tunes. A display of fireworks over the water in the Grand Basin ended the wonderful evening.

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