Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Labor Day was quite a cool windy day here in the twin cities. We did load everyone up in two cars to see the sculpture garden, as well as other sites in and around the cities of St.Paul and Minneapolis. The sculpture garden is an 11-acre urban garden that displays more than 40 sculptures, including the charming "Spoonbridge and Cherry". Isaac and Esther were kind enough to pose for me in front of that artwork. The sculpture was my favorite in the garden.
There is also a section of the garden which has a square of concrete benches, on which are written short verses. Some of the prose made sense to me and I agreed with, others were way off the wall and/or I totally disagreed with. The one below brought back memories of meetings at work, or church;  meetings which went on forever until someone had the courage to make a difficult decision.
Tuesday was the first day of school for Esther. Kathy, her mother, also had her first day of teaching at Luther seminary. We attended the opening day chapel service for the 2010-2011 academic year at the seminary with Doug and the children.
 For this service the professors processed in clad in their academic garb. After the service Kathy, still in her gown from Harvard, talked to us for a few minutes before returning to work.
She is quite an accomplished scholar as well as a mother!  Doug and her make a fine parenting team despite having quite some busy times. Tuesday afternoon Doug and John drove to St.Olaf University to move in some furniture which their nephew Kaleb had been storing at Kathy and Doug's house. That left me to baby sit the two younger ones, something which I always enjoy doing.

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