Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pioneer Park

I was not sure whether this park in Fairbanks was more for children, as we were told there are amusement rides in the park. So I was surprised that, once we entered it, there were not the crowds which we would see at Six Flags in St.Louis on a July day.  We soon discovered that the park is more of a museum and shopping mecca. We enjoyed our time there very much. The park did have attractions for the younger set as there is a merry-go-round, train rides, and a miniature golf course. The park has many historic old homes(many of which are log cabins) which had been moved from their original locations. Some of them can be only viewed from the outside, others can be toured, and some have shops and cafes in them.
One of the historic buildings is a prostitute's place of business. I found the hanging plants of red flowers a rather nice touch.
In the park is also the railroad car which President rode during his trip to Alaska in 1923.  A paddle wheel boat, Queen of the Yukon, the S.S.Nenana, is also located at Pioneer Park. It use to be one of the river boats cruising the Yukon River bringing passengers, mail and supplies to many of the little towns located along its shores. Dioramas of the towns, depicting what they use to look like in the early years of the twentieth century, are on display inside the boat. In the park is also an aircraft museum which Mary Jo and I passed up, choosing instead to look at a display of quilts made by local artists. I will show one more street scene here found in the park. I sure liked that wooden boardwalk!

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