Wednesday, August 18, 2010

C.M. Russell Museum

This museum is located in Great Falls, however we found this statue of Russell in the downtown area of Great Falls. We have seen the art work of Charlie Russell at various cowboy museums in our travels. So we were pleased to find a whole museum dedicated to his life and work. He lived in Great Falls most of his life but was born in St.Louis Missouri in 1864. In 1876 he won a blue ribbon for a sculpture at the St.Louis Worlds Fair. At the age of 16 he left home to travel west and over the ensuing years took jobs as a wrangler, hunter and trapper. Whenever he could he worked nights so he could paint during the day. The subjects of his art work were mainly wildlife, Native Americans, and cowboys. The museum describes his work as "part entertainment, part history lesson". He was also a writer. On the campus of the museum is also located his studio and the home in which he and his wife lived until his death in 1926. Below is a picture of his studio, the bison head was a logo he put on his paintings, along with his signature.
After touring the museum we drove over to Library Park in downtown Great Falls to hear the Montana Old Time Fiddlers. We heard some great fiddle playing as well as some awesome yodeling.

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