Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pinewood Estate and Gardens

In 1932 Bethlehem Steel Vice President Charles Buck built a winter retreat next to Bok Garden.  He liked what Bok had done with the gardens and hired the same landscape architect- Frederick Olmsted Jr..  The Bok Gardens acquired the home in 1970.  The home is a rather long sprawling Mediterranean- style building.  I found it difficult to take a picture which would adequately do it justice because of its length as well as the many live oaks and tall pines which surround it.  While waiting in line to enter the house we had time to admire the side garden.
In the rear of this garden is a most unusual Christmas tree made of bromelaid plants.
The docent who greeted us at the door informed us we were to imagine that it was the first Christmas after the victorious D-Day in 1944.  Mr.Buck took great joy in decorating his home and hosting his family and friends for extravagant celebrations at his winter home.
Pictured above is the entrance hall.  Notice the wooden beams overhead, and a stone floor with decorative tile on the steps.  Holiday greens and candles, as well as a Christmas tree certainly add a warm festive feeling to this area.  This is a twenty room mansion, but the only other room I wish to mention here is another location in the house which exudes a similar feeling of warmth and comfort.
Many rooms on the first floor are formal, but the Loggia room pictured above is where the Buck family and their guests could relax, drink hot toddies, and talk about their day of either horseback riding or hunting.  At least that is what we were told to imagine!
Pictured above is the rear of the house, which is quite beautiful with a sweeping wide lawn leading down to Mountain Lake.  Also here is an Oriental moon gate fountain and an English style country garden.  Three large porches offer wonderful vistas, including a view of the Bok Tower.

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