Monday, October 31, 2016

SPIFFS Folk Fair

Happy Reformation to all good Protestants out there!  My sister Gloria informed me that the Pope is meeting with Swedish Lutherans today, maybe there is hope that we will come together yet after 500 years since that day when Martin Luther sparked a revolution against the Catholic church and posted his 95 Theses.  One can only hope.  John and I celebrated Reformation Day by attending a concert given by the Clearwater Bach Choir, members of Peace Lutheran Choir, and the Florida Symphony.  They gave a wonderful musical rendition of Bach's Cantata No. 80 ("Ein Feste Burg").
Speaking of coming together and settling differences, the St.Petersburg International Folk Festival Society celebrated 42 years of diversity last Saturday.  There were many booths where one could buy wares from around the world.  The one above has products from Africa.
Our grandson Nathan was feeling a bit under the weather and not happy shopping.  He was, however, diverted from his aches and pains enough to sit and clap to the music of different groups from around the world.  The dancers pictured above are from Eritrea, a small African country on the Red Sea which has 9 different cultures and languages- and we think that we have problems with diversity?
Around noon there was a break from the music and dancing for a parade of nations.  Many nations from around the world were represented, above are people from Mongolia. 
Our grandson Nathan most liked the red dragon carried by a group representing China.
After the parade there was a naturalization ceremony for 44 people from 20 countries.  Feeling their joy and celebration of this occasion gave me pause to wonder why anyone would not be pleased to welcome them into our country.  We have been blessed within our borders and should be willing to continue accepting diversity in our country- that is what makes our United States awesome!

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