Friday, July 15, 2016

Covered Brdges of Bedford and Other Oddities

Tuesday afternoon we spent the afternoon roaming the countryside of Bedford County.  It was about 20 miles of pastures, corn and rye fields-  also beautiful rolling green hills,  with yellow lilies and queen anne's lace dotting the roadsides.  All total there are about 14 covered bridges in Pennsylvania, most of which are usable.  Missouri has 4, none of which can be driven across.  Missouri bridges are spread all over the state, in this state we saw nine in one afternoon.  Pictured below is Kniseley  Covered Bridge, built in the 1880s.  It was this one which I remember dead ended in a cornfield.
While driving around the back country roads we thought it a bit strange that quite a few Mini Coopers were on the road.  At Colvin Covered Bridge we met up with one, Miss Daisy, who had gorgeous eye lashes on her head lights.
The car had on it the words "Peaches to Palms".  According to her owner there is going to be a Mini  car rally in Palm Springs, Ca.the end of this month.  They had left from Atlanta a few days ago.
Our trip searching covered bridges brought us to Gravity Hill.  I took a picture of it after we reached the top.  Our car had just rolled up it with the car in neutral and with no brakes being pushed.  This is Gravity Hill, which John tried hard to make sense of.  He vows that the next time we come back (probably never) he will bring a level to check and see if the hill is really going up! 
Our last odd item of the day was a large coffee pot.  A man had it built in 1927 to attract people to his adjacent gas station along Lincoln Highway.   Hamburgers, ice cream and coke were sold in the little cafe.  It closed in 1927 and became a bar, after which it was moved to the County Fairgrounds and continued to serve locals for a short time.   It was restored  2004.
One last picture to share with you depicts the beauty we enjoyed over the roads of Bedford County. 
On Thursday we moved our home to Washington D.C.  Thursday evening found us at our son Dan's soft ball game.  His team of lawyer colleagues are called "Moved to Strike".  They played a good game, but lost by one point. 
Our daughter Melissa and son Nathan will soon fly in from Florida. to join us.  Not sure how much writing I will get done in the next few days as we will be busy.  Stay tuned!

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