Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lenny Our Lizard

Yes, it is a slow news day here in St.Charles.  However, I do have one fantastic story to tell and it is about one lizard whom we think rode with us up from Florida.  A day before we left that state John was working outside around the back of our home getting the hoses ready for travel.  He complained to me that he had trouble getting rid of a lizard who kept climbing into the electric generator exhaust pipe.  He thought that eventually he had shooed it away.  Fast forward to several days after we arrived here in St.Charles when I saw a lizard scurrying around our front tires.  A week or so later he peeked at us from inside the front exhaust pipe.  About a week ago after a rain shower he was on top of our picnic table lapping up water.  Of course I am making the assumption it is the same lizard.
There are lizards in Missouri, according to what I researched, there are thirteen types- however none with the strip down its back which our Lenny has.  So not sure if he did ride with us up from Florida.  I have seen no other lizards in the area where we are presently staying, just this one who seems to like our place!  Then I did not see him for what seemed like a long time, and was worried that maybe he left for a cooler/wetter area.  Turns out that maybe he went for a bike ride with me this morning.
As John was collapsing my bike to put it away the lizard hopped out from somewhere inside it.  We have had the bikes parked outside next to our rig, possibly he had crawled inside one of them!  What is funny is that I have been thinking a lot about him lately and wondering where he has been or if he had met his demise.  Here along he was closer to me than I could ever have imagined!
As I wrote earlier, I have done some research on lizards.  And some do like warm metal, which may explain why Lenny continues to hang around us.  There is a possibility that he just joined us here in Missouri, but I like to believe that he traveled up here with us.  Course how he managed that only he knows, and it is something we will never know.  I am just pleased that he continues to bless us with his presence.  There are a lot worse creatures we could be dealing with like snakes, mice, or roaches!

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