Thursday, February 25, 2016

Saturday Morning Market

There have been no postings recently from me because I have not even been near our computer.  I had   moved in with our daughter much of the time over the past couple of weeks because her husband, Spencer was studying for the bar at his mother's house in Dunedin.  All we could tell our grandson son Nathan was that his Dad was "studying",   Over time he eventually seemed to understand that concept.  His Dad did make it in for Nathan's birthday party.  It was a noisy party, as Nathan received drums and a guitar.  He did not care about any of his other gifts, not even the cake and ice cream.  He was either banging his drums, or strumming his guitar for the duration of his party.
Nathan,  his Mom Melissa and I have had lots of good times at the beach over the past couple of weeks.  Nathan loves running in the ocean, despite the fact that the water is cold and seems to cause his nose to forever drip.  When we can convince him to come out of the water he loves to play soccer on the beach, tear down other people's sand castles, and dig small holes in the sand to to explore.
Last Saturday we drove into St.Petersburg for the Saturday Morning Market.   According to the Tampa Bay Times, it is the largest produce market in Florida with over 170 rotating crop of  vendors.  Currently it is prime produce season in Florida.
It seemed as though everyone in Florida was at the market.  The  crowds and lines were difficult to deal with, what with having a two year-old along with us.  We soon discovered that it was not only the produce which brought out the crowds, but also the many food vendors.  Here at the market one can find a meal or snack of French, Ethiopian, South American, Greek food- to name but a few.  One farm was selling fresh strawberries- the line for that was to long for us to stand in.  Fortunately we were looking for certified organic produce, and that narrowed our search down to one produce stand run by the Worden Farm.  It is an 85 acre farm and had everything we were looking for, primarily;  tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, green beans and broccoli.  While shopping one of us always stayed with Nathan at the bandstand.  He spent his whole time at the market clapping his hands to the music and just people watching.  It also helped to keep him fed!

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