Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On the Road Again

Hard to believe that it has almost been a week since we left the St.Louis area.  We took a straight shot down highway 55 out of Missouri, into Arkansas and then Louisiana.  Maybe you are wondering about the last state, and I also questioned John about that.  Well, he wanted to go on a different road and claimed that it would only take us a few miles out of our way.  It was interesting being back in Louisiana, and this was the first time I think that we did not use our campground catalogs in finding a place to park our rig.  Large signs along the highway directed us to the Riverbend rv park.
We were in the Bible belt of the south, and this park had a beauty saloon.  The next day before we left I wandered around in the park and found the river, alongside of which were large live oaks and Spanish moss.  Other than dealing with the acorns which fell on our home, it was a good stop.
After the cool temperatures of  St.Louis, we were looking forward to the warm climate of Texas.  On the third day we arrived in Dickinson, Texas (where my brother Jared and his wife Sherry live).  Well, we got our warmer temperatures but had to deal with a week-end of heavy rain.  My brother figures the area received a soaking of at least 20 inches in two days.  Water filled the ditches and came up fairly close to many homes, as pictured above.  At least our home was parked on high ground.
We have heard about green parrots being in this area.  To our delight they were flying around our home on
Sunday afternoon, about two dozen of them.  Later that day the sun finally came out and we saw a double rainbow.  Monday was a dry sunny day and we hiked in Brazos Bend State Park, more on that in the next posting.  In some places of the park a high mature forest canopy of live oaks and hardwoods reach for the sky.  Pictured below is one of the trails which we followed in the park.

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