Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Marietta, Georgia

We are now visiting my sister Linda in Marietta.  As you can see in the picture above, daffodils are blooming in the park located in the village square.  However, what we are feeling right now is not spring-like weather, last night the city had freezing rain.  My sister's granddaughter Ellie has had the past two days off  because of inclement weather.  However, today we braved the cold and toured the history museum in Marietta.  The town has plenty of history related to the Civil War.  The battle of Kennesaw Mountain happened within its' boundaries- with the Union winning that battle it was possible for General Sherman to make a clean sweep south.
Perhaps you have heard of the movie "Great Locomotive Chase".  The history museum was once the Kennesaw Hotel, and the room pictured above is where James Andrew stayed one night in 1862.  He was the leader of 20 Union Army volunteers who put together a plan to destroy the Western and Atlantic railroad, thus preventing ammunition and supplies from reaching Southern Armies.  They hijacked the locomotive General going north to Chattanooga, however the locomotive Texas was on the southbound track and by running it in reverse the Confederates caught up with the General and arrested the Union men.  Marietta, as Atlanta, was burned by Sherman.  Even though most of the town burned, the Hotel Kennesaw only had damage done to the fourth floor.  In 1864 Sherman used the hotel for his headquarters, and it served as a hospital and morgue for the Confederacy.
On a lighter note, pictured above is a beloved landmark of Marietta.  The restaurant pictured above was once Johnny Reb's Chick, built in 1963.  It became Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1966.  A storm destroyed the building in 1993, but the chicken was restored to its original beauty.  Forever its' eyes keep rolling around and the beak opens and shuts.

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