Sunday, March 2, 2014

Carbondale, Illinois

Wow. guess I have some explaining to do!  Some of you, our readers, may have figured out that I did not write the last two posts.  My two sisters Gloria and Julia guessed that I was not the author of those posts, and they were right.  Last week I took a train to Illinois so that I could be present at the birth of our first grandson.  Our home and John stayed in Jackson, Mississippi so John could continue sightseeing.  He also was wishing to stay as far south and warm as long as possible.  He wrote the posts on the Natchez Trace and Vicksburg, did such an awesome job that maybe I can persuade to write more on our blog site.
Pictured above is Nathaniel John Taylor, born February 21st.  His weight was 7 pounds and 11 ounces, and his height was 20 inches.  I arrived in Illinois two days before his birth, which allowed Grandmother Cohen, Melissa and I to finish decorating his room.  His birth went into a rapid mode once his mom started feeling labor pains early Friday morning.  We all went to the hospital at about 3:30 that afternoon and Nathaniel entered the world at 5:20 PM.  It was a beautiful and natural birth,  Memorial Hospital of Carbondale is to be commended for following Melissa and Spencer's birth plan.  Melissa and the baby came home Sunday afternoon.  Melissa is breast feeding and consequently this past week has gotten little sleep.  Grandma Cohen, Spencer and I have tried to relieve her during the baby's fussy times, with the night hours being my time to rock little Nathan.
John drove to Illinois on Wednesday and, as the baby seemed to be getting on some semblance of a sleeping and feeding schedule, we drove to St. Louis on Friday to visit my sister Julia and her husband Cal.  Their house is very quiet and I sometimes awaken in the wee hours of the morning to listen for the baby's wail.  A winter storm has hit this area, but hopefully John and I can return to Carbondale tomorrow or Tuesday.  After a couple of more weeks there we plan to drive back to Mississippi and move our rig north.

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