Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Travels from Arizona to Texas

As you may notice from the title of this posting we have certainly put on the miles this past week!  This is the first time that I have tried to chronicle our travels with pictures, and they are not the greatest because I took them from the windows of our rig.  Pictured below is the area of Cochise's Stronghold, in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona.  The granite mountains, according to legend,  was where the Chiricahua Apaches hid out when they were being pursued by the US Calvary.
We certainly saw a good deal of beautiful mountain scenery from Arizona to Texas, and it was my major focus when taking pictures.  John commented that the biggest thing he would miss now that we were heading east was the mountains.  I would have to agree with him on that, and maybe that was why I only took pictures of mountains, and other large rock formations on this trip.  Anything elevated looked good to me considering we will be back in the flatland of the Midwest in a few weeks!  It was on a very cool overcast and hazy morning that I photographed the mountains of Las Cruces as we were driving into that city.  The city sits at the foot of the Organ Mountains.
Our plan when we started the rv lifestyle was to follow the sun and stay warm.  That did not happen this past week when a cold front dipped into the southwest.  For several nights the temperature was below freezing and it was necessary to run our furnace.   At one campground in New Mexico I saw, in a cactus garden, a birdbath holding frozen water.  Friday evening, at a campground outside of Junction City, Texas the owner of an rv park where we stayed told us that he was forced to buy Levis that day because all he had ever worn was shorts!  So what we have experienced this past week has certainly not been normal- and I am sure many parts of the nation would say the same thing.  We are now in the hill country of Texas, outside Austin.   Today, Sunday, the sun is out and our temperature is in the mid seventies.  Hopefully we can stay warm for awhile.  As you may notice in the picture below we are now seeing land dotted with green trees instead of prickly pear and saguaro cactus.

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