Thursday, January 16, 2014

San Diego Botanical Garden- Part Two

John and I have enjoyed the farmer's market in Vista and try to get there every Saturday.  It has a wide variety of the local tropical fruit, some of which are very perishable and consequently are never shipped out to grocery stores in other parts of our country.  When they visited the market our son Dan and his wife were intrigued by many of those unusual fruits and even more adventurous than John and I in trying them out.  In the San Diego Botanical Garden is a Subtropical Fruit Garden.  Here we saw the trees which produce those fruit; guava, rose apples, sapotes, kumquats, and chermoyas.  The latter we have especially come to enjoy eating as it is like tasting a custardy apple. The inside of the fruit  has a creamy yellow color.  The fruit can be seen in the picture below, it does not have the round shape of an apple.
In the garden's orchard we saw trees loaded with varieties of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and also ugly fruit.  The garden also has a wide variety of palms, cacti, agaves, cycads, and succulents.  We were especially impressed with the large cressula (a succulent and part of the jade family) growing on a shed.
There is also a unique garden of water smart succulents which simulates a coral reef filled with marine life.
We certainly enjoyed our visit to the San Diego Botanical Garden!  Our route home followed the San Dieguito River through the Dios Canyon,  it was quite a beautiful drive.

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