Thursday, October 17, 2013

Orange County, California

We left Bakersfield on Tuesday, heading south on Interstate I- 5.  On that busy eight- lane highway we had one mountain range to chug over.  Our rig does not do well climbing mountains and quite often we ended up behind large trucks in the slow lane.  But that was all right because it gave us more time to enjoy the mountain vistas, as the one pictured below.  It is Pyramid Lake in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forest.
We are now parked in Orange, near Anaheim- well-known for being home to the original Disneyland Park.  Orange County's oldest city's name, Anaheim, is a blend of "Ana" after the Santa Ana River and "heim" a common German name meaning "home".  At one time orange groves were plentiful in this area.  The park we are currently residing in was once an orange grove.  Next to our rig on one side is a grapefruit tree, and on the other are two orange trees.  Unfortunately the fruit is not ripe yet for picking.  And speaking of oranges, we toured the town of Orange yesterday.  It is located across the Santa Ana River from Anaheim.  Old Town Orange has a one-mile square area that is centered around the historic Orange Plaza, pictured below.
In this older area of Orange are buildings dating back to the late 19th century and early twentieth century.  Watson Drug and Soda Fountain, still in business, dates back to 1899.  We also walked by many specialty stores, as well as boutiques and restaurants.  Orange City is also considered the antique capital of California.  We walked through one antique shop which also has a garden and nursery in the back.
In this store, Country Road Antiques, the nursery has weird and unusual plants sitting in stoves, refrigerators and even an old Ford truck.  I would have liked to have stayed longer and maybe even purchased one of the plants, however we got there shortly before the store's closing time.  After supper we joined a crowd gathered at the plaza.  I was told by one of the other on-lookers that the veterans get together here every Wednesday evening.  On this  particular evening seven veterans were present from World War II.  After a few short speeches the national anthem was sung and a young man played "Taps" on his trumpet.

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