Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mountain Top Highs

As I had mentioned in previous postings, John and I came to Fort Collins for our niece Heather's wedding.  Consequently the last few days have been filled with visiting family who have come from many parts of our nation for the event.  The setting for the wedding was on the lawn of an old Victorian ranch house, colorful gardens surround the building called the Tapestry House.  Pictured below are the happy parents with the beaming couple.  Ann's parents are from San Francisco.  Heather and Anne live in Denver, Ann is planning to enter law school this fall.  It was quite a momentous event, with over 100 family and friends in attendance.
On Sunday we were able to spend what precious time we had left with our children, Melissa and her husband Spencer as well as our son Mike.  Melissa had been in the wedding party so we had very little time to spend with her over the week-end.  She and Spencer flew back to Virginia that afternoon.  After all the festivities were over John and I were ready to do some hiking.  My sister Gloria, her husband Chuck and Mike were willing to join us, it also allowed us to get in some visiting time with them.
In the picture above all, except John, are taking in the wonderful vistas offered by Horsetooth Rock.   The large hill is located in the foothills west of Fort Collins.  According to local legend, the mountain is the remains of an evil giant's heart cut in two by a powerful Indian chief, thus protecting his people from the giant's wrath.  The foothills trail skirt around Horsetooth Reservoir.  Beautiful red-stone cliffs flank the 6.5 mile lake, it was an awesome hike under the late afternoon sun.  The sun was setting by the time we completed our hike.  On Monday our plan was to see Mount Evans, more on that in the next posting.

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