Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Melissa and Spencer's Wedding

Pre-wedding activities started on Thursday, two days before the wedding.  The groom had arranged a boar hunt for the men.  Stories of that hunt sounded quite horrible to me.  Feral hog were rounded up and set loose on a ranch.  Cur dogs were then sent out to find  them up for spear wielding hunters.  Spencer and four other men of the wedding party killed 5 boar.  I know that our son Daniel and his cousin Adam had a great time!  The meat of the boar has since been processed and is now sitting in Spencer's grandfather's freezer.  I think what the women of the wedding party did was a bit more enjoyable.  We took a luncheon cruise on the Calypso Queen, which sailed out of the harbor at Clearwater Beach. We were served a buffet lunch,  the waiter kept us hydrated with rum punch and other drinks of our choosing.  Members of the party were given an opportunity to steer the boat under the direction of the captain.  We had a great relaxing time.
Friday morning found us setting up the wedding hall for the reception.  For the table settings Melissa had built and painted wooden boxes which were to hold sand, candles, and sea shells.  The total effect turned out to be quite beautiful.  And I think that some of us had fun playing in the sand boxes!
Friday evening, after the wedding rehearsal, Spencer's Mom hosted a dinner at the Dunedin Smokehouse.  It was a great barbeque meal.  Pictured below is a very happy couple, Spencer and Melissa.
We had a very warm and humid week, but amazingly we were not at all uncomfortable sitting outside for the dinner.  Rain came later in the evening.  After the meal most of the party moved next door to an Irish pub where a Scottish band was playing.  On Saturday, before the wedding, some of us got more beach time in.  The wedding itself amazingly came together at the last minute.  There were last minute details to be completed in the wedding hall and Melissa had some issues with getting her dressed zipped up.  Fortunately some of us came early and there always seemed to be many ready hands to help out.  It was a beautiful wedding made even more awesome by some great musicians in our families.  Our son Dan played the guitar,  niece Heather helped out with her violin and her sister Katie on the flute.  John's brother-in-law Jim played several hymns on the keyboard and Spencer's step-sister Einav performed a vocal solo.  Pictured below are the bride and groom.  They are surrounded by the bridesmaids Amanda, Heather and Rachel.
We had a wonderful time at the wedding reception.  Music was provided by the Afterwhile band, whom we would recommend to anyone looking for a folksy/bluesy musical group.  Quite a few of the guests were out on the dance floor until closing time.  Our son Mike was Master of Ceremonies and, as he had done at his brother Dan's wedding, did a great job keeping events of the evening smoothly running There were many items to clear out of the hall before we left but, again, many hands made the task simple and fast. 

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